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Our Branches


The finance branch familiarizes new and existing members with the financial and investment industries and aids members with finance's rigorous recruiting process.


The Consulting Branch educates members with the consulting industry and provides resources and mentorship to members hoping to break into consulting.


The technology branch educates our members on careers in the technology sector and helps prepare members for technology sector recruitment.

Law & Non-Profits

The Law & Non-Profits branch connects students with the resources necessary for law school & careers in law and in the non-profit sector.


The Entrepreneurship Branch helps provide our members access to the tools and resources needed to succeed in the entrepreneurial/business sector.

Marketing & Media

The Marketing & Media Branch is responsible for all marketing, content design and social media accounts on behalf of LiFT. 


The operations branch manages and organizes the logistics of LiFT through the handling of LiFT's money, invoices and membership.

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Branch creates programming that bridges students together with different career interests and experiences.

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